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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Leader of the Nigerian Gang
Status Deceased (Killed by the Exosuit)
Location South Africa

Obsanjo is the secondary antagonist in the film and portrayed by Eugene Khumbanyiwa. He´s the leader of the Nigerian gang in District 9. He´s described as a very powerfull man in the city. He controls the cat food which is selled to the aliens, also traficates with weapons (human and alien ones), prostitution...

This man believes that he will be able to use alien weaponery if he eats them. That´s the reason he tries to cut and eat Wikus alien - arm. His men get killed in a firefight against MNU mercenaries; he´s later killed by the Exosuit, by exploding his head.

009DT9 Eugene Khumbanyiwa 004


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